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Reception DJ Packages

Our DJs are high energy and know how to get the dance floor packed. Choose the perfect fit from our customizeable DJ packages.

Wedding Ceremony Sound

It's your day; be heard. Our specialized ceremony package was built by sound engineers to give you the best possible sound.

Ceremony Sound Package


This package includes playback of music, thin but powerful speakers with coverings for a clean look, wireless mics, and most importantly a small and discreet microphone for the bride and groom which does not require the bride to wear a body pack. We also offer a line out to your videographer so they can capture our sound for recording. With this package your guests will hear every cry of joy and every “I do”, even in the back row.

  • Omnidirectional Microphone
  • Specialized microphone picks up sound in all directions and does not require a body pack

  • Audio Line Out to Videographer
  • Our professional audio can can be supplied to a videographer for a clear recording

  • Thin and Discreet Speakers with Coverings
  • Speakers are small and discreet as to not distract

  • Music Playback
  • Have music playing while seating your guests and when walking up and down the aisle

  • Wireless Microphones

All DJ packages include:

  • 5 Hours of Performance Time
  • Dancefloor Lighting
  • Wireless Mics
  • DJ Facade and Speaker Stand Covers


Don’t let this little package fool you; it packs a big punch.

  • - Perfect for an intimate reception of up to 50 people.
  • - Small but powerful soundsystem
  • - Extra disco lights and laser effects


You’ll feel like you're at the hottest party in town.

  • - For a medium sized venue with up to 100 guests.
  • - Larger Sound System
  • - Laser Effects, Moving Heads, and Lighting Fixtures


Make your friends jealous with an experience they will never forget.

  • - Great for large venues serving 200 people or more.
  • - Upgraded Sound System with Sub Woofers
  • - Even More lighting

All packages are available to customize.
Add more lighting, bubbles, or if you have a special request we will work with you to make it happen.

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